Formed in 2015, Safe Space Nebraska is leading a regional effort to work with clubs, bars, and venues to fight the epidemic of harassment and assault in nightlife establishments. 

Our Mission

Safe Space Omaha is a grassroots movement dedicated to creating a community where everyone can enjoy a safe and positive experience when they go out. We do this by collaborating with business owners to create codes of conduct, by training employees to appropriately respond to reports of harassment or assault, and by facilitating community discussions that increase visibility and communication across social groups of different backgrounds and experience.

We envision a community where all people, regardless of race, gender identity, religion, and sexuality, can go out for a drink, can go dancing with friends, and can enjoy the rich culture our community has to offer without the threat of personal harassment. 

Safe Space Nebraska is doing vital work to improve the cultural fabric of our community, helping to decrease the stigma of sexual assault and ensure that everyone feels safe and welcome to enjoy our bars and nightlife.
— Jordan Delmundo, Executive Director, Nebraska AIDS Project

How we help

  • Providing educational opportunities for staff to understand the scope and cause of unwanted harassment
  • Connecting owners with training resources to stop aggression and harassment before it becomes a legal or financial liability to the business 
  • Actively promoting establishments that adopt safety standards and zero-tolerance policies toward harassment
  • Hosting industry events to connect bar owners and workers with law enforcement, legal experts, and insurance representatives to build bridges and demystify the benefits of creating safe spaces
  • Creating opportunities for patrons and community members to provide feedback to nightlife workers and law enforcement about their experiences and how to improve organizational policy